Discover how easy the Cryo-Lip procedures really are.



The patent materials we offer you make the procedures safe and easy.


Whether you harvest ambulant, via liposuction or through general surgery.


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Cryo-Lip ambulant harvest


The Cryo-Lip ambulant service offers your patiets the chance to store their Stem Cells in as little as 15 minutes.







The Cryo-Lip paperwork is a set of 3 short documents that need to be signed both by the patient and by the doctor.

All Forms are bilingual and easy to understand. Filling them in requires only 5 minutes.


These forms are build around a number of European directives concerning the transportation and the storage of Human Cells. Therefor these short forms are extremely important and need to be filled in completely.


The Medical Anamnese summarizes the medical history of the patient


The Informed Consent guides the patient on the informational part of the service


The Service Agreement tells the patient what the rights and obligations of all parties are.


One Service Agreement needs to be signed and and shipped back to us, the second copy is a blanc copy for the patient to be taken home.













blood sample






The Cryo-Lip kit contains all materials needed to do the harvest procedure. Whether that is a liposuction, ambulant harvest or surgical harvest.


The transportation kit is designed to transport the harvested cells back to our state of the art lab in Niel under perfect conditions.







Cryo-Lip Liposuction


Convince your patient that the lipoaspirate from a liposuction is not a waste material.

Fat is the richest source of Stem Cells in the human body.

Storing the Stem Cells could change the future of your patients.



full procedure




Cryo-Lip uses a patented syringe to harvest the fat from Liposuction procedures. The syringe has a special patented membrane that will filter the lipoaspirate leaving out the tumescent fluent and the blood.


This will result in perfect quality adipose tisse that can then be shipped to our state of the art laboratory in Niel. 



Cryo-Lip general surgery

Cryo-Lip is able to provide you with a specialized transportation tube that gives you the possibility to harvest subcutaneous fat.


This way, patients who are undergoing a general surgical intervention can have their Stem Cells stored as well.