Cryo-Lip in Clinical Practice - 6 Simple Steps


The outline below summarizes the practical steps physicians need to take in order to offer Cryo-Lip to their patients.



STEP 1     Inform yourself

Register yourself at, confirming that you are a qualified medical doctor and follow

the online training modules that will inform you about Stem Cells and the Collection Procedure



STEP 2     Get a Cryo-Lip Collection Kit

Once you have completed the online training modules, you will be automatically contacted by one of our Cryo-Lip colleagues.

You can then order a Cryo-Lip collection kit, which contains all the materials to safely collect and transport the tissue to our

specialized lab in Belgium.




STEP 3     Collect the Cryo-Lip sample

Once your patient has decided to opt for the cryo-Lip Service you can harvest the tissue in 3 simple steps.


Fill in the paperwork so that we have all the necessary details of the patient
Collect the tissue following the easy instructions that are inside the kit

Call the courier number marked on the kit


STEP 6     The Cryo-Lip sample is cryopreserved

Your patient’s sample will undergo quality control and testing, including:


Sterility testing (aerobes, anaerobes, fungi, yeasts)
Quantitative confirmation
MSC identification (panel of CD cell surface markers)

Viability testing

Plus clinical safety testing (Hep B, C, HIV, CMV, treponema) on the blood sample 

A patented cryoprotectant solution is added before cryopreservation in vapor phase liquid nitrogen tanks.

These are monitored 24/7 in secure, purpose built areas with sophisticated alarm and backup systems.

After successful cryopreservation, your patient will receive a Cryo-Lip Storage Certificate, with a unique sample ID.


Liposuction can save your patients' figures

And their lives