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SVF is shipped in 5 ml vials at room temperature and ready for re-injection. Each vial has its own Data Sheet containing the details of various quality control tests including quantity, viability, identification and sterility of the cellular mixture. One vial contains enough ASCs to  be used for one treatment session, for example for facial rejuvenation.  



PLA is shipped in specialized transport bags, each containing up to 500ml of PLA. The volume of PLA delivered will depend on the actual volume stored. As a rule, PLA is stored in separate bags of 100 ml each.

The release tissue has its own Data Sheet with relevant Quality Control results including quality, viability, identification and sterility.


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The vial will be delivered by courier on the morning of the date of the planned procedure. It is important to re-inject it on the same day.

NOTE : Allow at least 1 week beween ordering and the procedure. Deliveries on Mondays are not yet possible.


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