Cryo-Save launches Cryo-Lip in the US (31/08/2011)

The Cryo-Lip® service is a unique and high quality technology that allows people to store their own valuable adipose tissue or adult stem cells for current or future use. After collection, the fat tissue is processed at the highly specialized and FDA-accredited tissue bank of General Biotech Technologies in Indianapolis. The tissue and cells can be preserved for many years and may be released back for reinjection upon request.

Cryo-Lip®: a new high potential service for plastic surgeons and regenerative medicine

Plastic surgeons can use the tissue and cells for plastic and cosmetic indications such as facial rejuvenation or breast reconstruction. In addition, many applications in regenerative medicine are being investigated with promising results already announced in diverse conditions such as cardiac ischemia and urinary incontinence. There is little doubt that adult stem cells will play an important role in clinical medicine of tomorrow.
James D. Lafferty, CEO of Genesis Biosystems, sees a growing market: "Using a patient's own fat for injection for cosmetic enhancement increased by over 27% from 2009 to 2010, which indicates patients and physicians continue to see more benefit from natural tissue as opposed to synthetic injectable products. Additionally, with more than 300,000 liposuction procedures performed annually in the U.S., there are large numbers of patients that will choose to cryo-preserve their fat for future cosmetic and medical use as regenerative stem cell therapies become more prevalent."
Scientifically validated
Cryo-Save has also completed an 'FDA-ready validation study' for the Cryo-Lip® service in the U.S. Henk Snyman, MD, Managing Director of the US Cryo-Lip® operations comments: "We are committed to deliver a scientifically and clinically validated service. Our results in the FDA-ready validation study showed that our methodology consistently delivers the highest quality of stem cells, including the ability to differentiate into adipose, bone and cartilage cells."
A strong partnership
Arnoud van Tulder, CEO Cryo-Save states "a strong partnership is essential for a successful roll-out of the Cryo-Lip® service in the U.S. We are convinced that Genesis Biosystems is ideally placed to ensure good market penetration." 
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