Cryo-Lip to launch in the US (16/12/2010)

Zutphen, The Netherlands, 16 December 2010


Cryo-Save Group N.V.

Cryo-Save to launch Cryo-Lip™ in the US

Cryo-Save Group N.V. (Euronext: CRYO, “Cryo-Save”), Europe’s leading stem cell bank, today announced that it intends to launch Cryo-Lip™ in the United States in 2011, after the successful introduction of the service in Europe during 2010.

Cryo-Save is one of the first in the world that offers cryostorage of adult mesenchymal stem cells from fatty tissue for use by patients undergoing a surgical procedure.

Cryo-Save is currently looking for partners to roll out this service in the United States.

Cryo-Lip™ has been launched in Spain and Italy in June 2010 and has since also been introduced in Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary and Cyprus. It will also be made available in the Netherlands this month.

The Cryo-Lip™ service has been expanded thanks to new clinical developments, which means it will be available to a much larger segment of patients.

Dr Henk Snyman, Managing Director for Cryo-Lip™ explained:

“Apart from the cryostorage of adult stem cells for later medical use, we can now also release back to plastic surgeons the adipose tissue itself (Processed LipoAspirate or PLA Liquid) for clinical applications such as lipofilling. In addition, we have just successfully completed a pilot project, validating the collection of adult mesenchymal stem cells from patients undergoing surgical procedures such as elective caesarian sections, general surgical or orthopedic operations.”.

Cryo-Save has developed a novel cryopreservation process specifically for adipose tissue, which has been submitted as an international patent. The Company is an accredited tissue bank for the cryopreservation and storage of fatty tissue.

Fat is the richest source of adult mesenchymal stem cells (called ASCs or adipose-derived stem cells when harvested from fat) in the human body and readily accessible (Gimble 2007). Cryo-Lip™ requires less than 50 ml of tissue, which can easily be obtained. ASCs are regarded as the building blocks of regenerative medicine (Yoshimura 2008), a concept supported by recent publications with significantly positive results in patients with acute and chronic cardiac ischemia.

The interest from the plastic surgery community has been very high with positive acceptance of this groundbreaking opportunity for their patients. To date the company has registered and trained close to 100 plastic and reconstructive surgeons as Cryo-Lip™ Providers who are now able to offer the service to their patients.

Dr. Jorge Planas, an internationally renowned Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in Barcelona and the Chairman of the Cryo-Lip Advisory Panel, commented:

“We are receiving positive feedback from both physicians and patients. I am convinced that the cryopreservation of adipose tissue and adult stem cells creates a major benefit for many and will be widely used”.

Arnoud van Tulder
, the Cryo-Save CEO, added:

“Being the first in this new market segment represents an important strategic advantage for our company. We are aiming for global leadership and are actively investigating our options with regard to the introduction in the USA, the biggest commercial market in the world”.

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