Stem Cell Basics



(Adipose-derived Stem Cells)

Why Use Fat as a Source of Stem Cells?


A set of ideal criteria for stem cells in regenerative medicine has been identified recently [Gimble 2003],


and the table below shows how well adipose tissue matches these criteria.



  Ideal Stem Cell Criteria      Fat comments                                                    
  1 Found in abundant quantities          


Increasing obesity worldwide

Liposuction procedures yield between 100 ml to > 3 liter

  2 Harvested via minimally invasive procedure     yes

Cryo-Lip procedure requires only 50 ml of lipoaspirate 


Patient friendly compared to bone marrow aspiration

  3 Can be differentiated in multiple cell lineages     yes Multiple cells have been grown from ASCs, including fat, bone, cartilage, muscle, neuron, pancreas  
  4 Can be safely and effectively transplanted     yes

Fat grafting is a well accepted in plastic surgery

Cryo-Lip is for adult and autologous use

(no immunology or ethical problems)

  5 Can be manufactured to GMP guidelines     yes Established in many laboratories  


In summary, ASCs as obtained in the Cryo-Lip procedure are a logical choice for clinical uses as they are:


        Abundantly available in adults
  Relatively easy to isolate and expand
  Autologous, hence no ethical or immunological problems 

 > 120,000 samples stored